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17th December 1872 Barque Consul
Wrecked on the North Pier at the River Tyne.

On 17 December 1872 members of the TVLB and coastguards were attempting to rescue the crew of the barque Consul which was attempting to enter the Tyne in severe weather. The barque struck a pier and within 15 minutes was reduced to matchwood. The rescuers on the pier managed to save some of her crew, but during the attempt it was believed that one rescuer had been washed away by the sea. A subsequent search found the body of Robert Thirlway Arkley. Mr Arkley, a customs officer, was not only a member of the TVLB but also an RNLI crew member.

A barque is a three-masted sailing vessel. The foremast and mainmast are square-rigged (square sails). The mizzenmast is fore-and-aft rigged. Wooden three-masted barques were the most common cargo vessels in the 19th century