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This is copy of the original plan of Westoe Cemetery. The modern plan is slightly different and is not useful in tracing your ancestors. Please refer to this plan at all times when using this web site.

The green shaded area section 1d, is surrounded by  a high metal fence. Access is through a small gate opposite the end of section 3d.
The grave of Enoch Donkerly Thompson. (ship-owner) The memorial stone consists of a marble obelisk on square plinth. The obelisk has toppled. Also commemorated on the memorial is his daughter Annie and her husband Henry Lee.  The gravesite is hidden under a large weeping willow tree and situated just over the railings in section 1d. Henry Lee and Annie do have their own memorial stone nearby but it cannot be found.

b. The large headstone of Dorothy Ann Venus. Wife of Israel Venus who hung himself in his tripe preparers shop in Saltwell Lane.
c. Thomas Masterman Winterbottom. A large chest tomb in the centre of the cemetery.
////. The area (NE corner) where James Allender (the giant) is probably buried in a pauper's unmarked grave.

This is the contemporary plan issued by S. Tyneside. Follow this with caution.

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