Robert Cooke Fenwick was born on October 6 1882. and died on 13th August 1912. He lived  at Wyngarth in Harton Village. He was an early pioneer of aviation. He died flying his own 'Mersey' monoplane when it crashed on Salisbury Plain.

Sadly no gravestone now exists in the graveyard of St Peters Church at Harton. It was in the row starting bottom right. The family grave is approximately where the green bush is beyond the line of six gravestones, in the South East section. Enquiries have been unable to find out what  happened o the headstone which certainly did exist. Below is the original inscription copied from the Harton St Peter's MI's (Memorial Index) probably compiled in the 1950s.

Mary Florence (Tenty) 2nd Dau. of RC. & RP Fenwick b.16.6.1879 d. 18.4.1899