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Henry Lee and Annie Thompson Lee:
Enoch Donkerly Thompson and Mary Ann Logan Thompson:

Enoch was the son of Evan Thompson and his wife Ann Donkerley. Identifying Ann's family: In 1796 the estate and will of one Enoch Donkerley, Sailmaker, was settled in Durham and among heirs were listed Evan Thompson and his wife Ann.
Enoch's photograph is in the Book, "Black Wolf the life of Ernest Thompson Seton" (who was the grandson of Enoch). Book by Betty Keller

Mary Ann Logan Thompson was the daughter of Joseph Logan and his wife Ann Seton Logan. She married Enoch Donkerley Thompson the 10 of March 1819. They had at least six children.

Henry Lee was born 25 December, 1809 in Bishopswearmouth, Durham, England to James Lee and Ann Havelock Lee and was christened 21 January 1810 in the same parish. Both the Lee and Havelock families were merchants in the Shipping Industry and Henry followed in the family business, along with at least one of his known brothers William Havelock Lee. Henry is believed to also have had brothers James and Charles. Several members of the Lee and Havelock families were ship builders, owners and Mariners.
Henry married Annie Thompson on the 19th of January, 1842 at St. Hilda’s Church, South Shields, Durham. By the 1851 census of England, Henry and Annie are living in Westoe, Durham and they have born to them Henry Thompson Lee, Annie Mary Lee, Mary Caroline “Carrie” Lee, Harriet Alice Lee and Charles Havelock Lee. Two years later their sixth and last child, Clara Jane Lee, was born.

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Annie Thompson Lee is the daughter if Enoch and Mary Ann Logan Thompson and grew up in Durham County. We learn about Henry’s and Annie’s life through shipping registers, his children’s records and other writings.
Christie’s Shipping Register, Maritime Compendium, and Commercial Advertiser of 1858 is just one of the publications that names Henry along with his father-in-law, Enoch Donkerly Thompson, and brother-in-law, Joseph Logan Thompson as being ship owners. They are also listed in other registers and directories of the time as shipping agents and ship builders.
Henry Thompson Lee passed as a young man and his death is noted in the writings of his cousin, naturalist and author, Ernest Evan Thompson aka Ernest Thompson Seton and referenced in Seton’s biography, Black Wolf, By Betty Keller. He is also mentioned in The Borough of South Shields, by George B. Hodgson, 1903.

Annie Mary Lee married William Henry Dickinson, Alderman and Magistrate, Farmer Butcher and Ship Owner.

Mary Caroline Carrie Lee married John Kidd, provender dealer and commercial salesman, and their marriage license from 1868 notes Henry Lee Sr. as Ship Owner.

Harriet Alice Lee married James Hutton Kidd, Tailor and the brother of John Kidd.

Charles Havelock Lee followed in the Maritime Trade and married Elizabeth Florence Wardel Foster.

Clara Jane Lee married John Kendall, a commercial dealer in timber.

All of Henry Lee Sr.’s and Annie Thompson Lee’s children, with the exception of Henry Jr., had several children and have many descendants today.

Enoch Donkerly Thompson and Mary Ann Logan Thompson:

Enoch Donkerly Thompson was born the 27th of December, 1794 to Evan Thompson and Ann Donkerly and was christened on the 6th of Jun 1796 in South Shields, Durham, England. The ancestry of the Thompson and Donkerly families remain somewhat of a mystery with the family lore stating that the Thompson family were from Scotland and had to leave due to their loyalty to the English Crown.

Enoch married Mary Ann Logan the 10th of March, 1819 in Durham County, England. Mary Ann was born circa 1796 to Joseph Logan and Ann Seton Logan in Durham, England. Enoch and Mary Ann had Annie Thompson who married Henry Lee; Joseph Logan Thompson who married Alice Snowden; Mary Ann Thompson who married Thomas Smith Henzell; possibly Alice Thompson; Jane Thompson who married James Bolton Robertson; and Evan Thompson. Many descendants are known today.

Enoch spent his life in the shipping industry with mentions in Christie’s Shipping Registers, Kelly’s and Slater’s Directories, numerous Newspaper articles and is noted in The Borough of South Shields, by George B. Hodgson, 1903. His photograph is published in the biography of his grandson Ernest Evan Thompson aka Ernest Thompson Seton, Black Wolf, by Betty Keller along with many stories of his and his family’s life.


Some of the ships owned or jointly owned by Henry Lee and/or Enoch Donkerly Thompson, Joseph Logan Thompson and John Snowden.

Ships owned/operated by Henry Lee and/or Enoch Donkerly Thompson Enoch Donkerley, and Joseph Logan Thompson and John Snowden. (From Christie’s Shipping Register, Maritime Ccompendium and Commercial Advertiser)


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