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The SS Kingsbury was hit by a torpedo from U-Boat 338 on March 17. 1943. A. B. Wright died 4 years later.


At 03.05 hours on 17 March 1943, U-338 fired a spread of two torpedoes at the convoy SC-122 southeast of Cape Farewell and Kinzel thought that he had hit one ship, but in fact the Kingsbury  and the King Gruffydd  were hit and sunk. At 03.06 hours, a second spread of two torpedoes was fired, one of them struck the Alderamin which sank later in 5130N/3455W. At 03.07 hours, the stern torpedo was fired, which missed the intended target, the Alderamin, but damaged the Fort Cedar Lake.

U-338 was listed as missing in the North Atlantic on September 20. 1943. There was no explanation for its loss. All of the 51 hands were lost.

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