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164213 Fireman John Barnes Berry. Mercantile Marine Reserve. Married to Elizabeth Berry, and lived at 4, Edith St., South Shields


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Click here for a cutting of the full ships list as published by the Newcastle Journal on January 27 1915, it is fascinating reading and you may find an ancestor or two.

HMS Viknor
HMS Viknor sank on Jan.13, 1915. She had a complement of 22 Officers and 273 Ratings mostly of the Royal Naval Reserve. She was commanded by Commander E.O.Ballantyne.

5.347 tons; 421x50 ft; Built by Robert Napier in 1888 as the Atrato for the Royal Mail Steam Co. Ltd.S/S Atrato was a beautifully designed passenger ship, more resembling a luxury yacht than a liner. She was used in the service between England and the West Indies and could carry up to 280 passengers. Bought by Viking Cruising Co. Ltd. in 1912, she was renamed Viking.
At the beginning of WWI, she was requisitioned by the Admiralty, equipped with armament and renamed HMS Viknor. She was mainly used as a cruising patrol ship. On 13th January 1915, while on patrol, she sank in heavy weather without any distress call. It was assumed that she was sunk by a mine, belonging to a minefield laid by the Germans. Not a single soul of the 295 crew was saved. Many of the bodies were washed ashore days after the sinking.

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