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St. Stephen's Church is situated in Mile-end Road. It was erected in 1846, at a cost of £2,500., raised by subscription, aided by a government grant, from a plan by Mr. Salvin, of London, and was consecrated on the 11th of October in that year. It is a neat building, in the early English style, consisting of nave, chancel, aisles, and neat tower and spire
St. Stephen’s was split off from St. Hilda’s in 1846, but the burial ground did not open until August 1848. St. Stephen’s was known as the “pilot’s church” because it covered the area along the Tyne riverside, including Jarrow Slake, Harton, Mill Dam, Temple Town, Tyne Dock, and Westoe. Lots of sailors drowned or died from accidents while in port, many from far-off places.

Plague victims were buried near the Reay Street end (this now forms part of the school play area. See the map below for the location.

Thursday the 2nd of October was a busy night of raids by German bombers. The last bomb of the evening fell in St Stephen's Churchyard, immediately behind Military Road and near a large block of flats, a number of graves were disturbed and property damaged but there were no casualties. However during wholesale street clearances during the 1960s, it was decreed that the cemetery would be cleared and laid out as a rest garden. It isn't known what happened to the gravestones or how the remaining stones were chosen to survive.



Open the photograph album left to view many more pictures of the cemetery, unusual stones and epitaphs. I will add more photographs as I visit this cemetery. If you would like to add your own, please contact me, and if they are suitable, I will add them, with an acknowledgement. There a several pages in this album.




Who is Buried Here?


Gravestone/Memorial/Monument Photographs


Heslop Bone Mensforth/Hark us


Mensforth Wailes Davison


CWGC Headstones

The small memorial garden contains eleven Commonwealth War Grave stones


Unmarked Graves

Names underlined are have their own page.

Israel Venus

Clara Taws

Thomas Blumer

Dorothy 'Dolly' Peel

21 Apr 1902 Jane Scott, of 34 Charlotte Street, age: 84.
Buried without the rites of the church of England

20 May 1916 John Abernethy, of 48 George Scott Street, age: 88

06 Jun 1922 James Stephenson, of 9 Edith Street, age: 25, drowned at Sea 31st March 1922

25 Aug 1934 George Park Christie, of 169 Harton Lane, age: 74 (Note: 169 Harton Lane was the address of the Harton Workhouse)

18 May 1946 John William Sullivan, of 11 Thames Lane, age: 71, Roman Catholic

William Bedlington. d1885. A Tyne Pilot. of 71 Shadwell St, age 41.  Found dead on Pilot Stairs. He died from double pneumonia and exhaustion.

Ann Golightly was born about 1822 in South Shields, and, died on 7 Jan 1823 in Shadwell St, aged about 1, and was buried on 9 Jan 1823


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