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Virtual In Memoriam and Remembrance
You can pay your respects to any of the deceased on this site, by adding a tribute. Add a floral tribute or a poppy by choosing from the list below. Send me your preference/s by e-mail and I will add them to the page showing the large photograph of the gravestone. I will add your name but if you wish to remain anonymous I will respect this. You may also leave a verse or any text you would like added as a tribute. Please note you do not have to be related to the deceased to leave a tribute.

An icon will be placed net to a name denoting where a poppyor flowertribute has been placed next to grave. If a message or verse is left the this icon will appear next to the name. There is no restriction on the number or type of tribute that can be left.





P1 P2 P3 P4 P5

Chose a tribute code or a combination from the above list. You may also add a massage or verse. Send to me with the name of the person you wish to commemorate, and I will add as soon as time will allow. I will add more tribute graphics shortly.


Bill Hartmann 2013