Cullercoats had it's own Quaker burial ground up until 1872? - it stood just to the North of John Street and Whitley Lane. The graves were disinterred in 1872 and together with the head stones, re- sited in Preston Cemetery. The Quakers burial plot is to the South East of the Cemetery and is adjacent to the perimeter wall.
The earliest reference to the Quaker burial ground is 1661

For many years the key of the Quaker Burial ground was kept by Mr. James Bailey, of Cullercoats, whose wife's ancestors were buried therein". The people in the Quaker burial ground were from the DOVE family. It was on their land that the mill of her probable ancestor stood. One of the Dove's (Eleanor) married Zepheniah Haddock. She died in 1717, he in 1739 and both were buried in the Quaker burial spot at Cullercoats


In 1872, Tynemouth Corporation wished to extend John Street in Cullercoats, to Marden Burn so that it would join Whitley Lane (now Whitley Road). As the burial ground was in the way, permission was sought from and granted by the Society of friends to remove the remains and headstones to Preston Cemetery where they lie today. Above: The North end of John St. Whitley Road in the distance.

A nice little film from 'Blustardave' Near the end after short tour around a few graves in Preston Cemetery, he shows the Quaker burial site. Very interesting.

Click on the above graphic to read the full, fascinating contemporary account as related in the Archaelogia Aeliana

The twelve headstones in weather-worn and broken condition, commemorate the following people:

Thomas Airey, of North Shields Oct 27th 1675

Son of Henry Airey, North Shields Nov 4th 167-

Robert Curry, of North Shields, Skinner and Glover (who, according to the Parish Register was "drowned in Mr. Lawson's Sumpe") Sep 20th 1680

His daughter Aug 19th 1680

Frances, daughter of Thomas Dove of Cullercoats July 168(3 or 8)

Hannah, wife of Robert Selby of Durham, formerly the wife of John Dove of Whitley 1684

John Willoby of North Shields, anchor smith 1689

(LEFT) wife of Thomas Dove of Cullercoats Mar 2nd 16--

Eliner, wife of William Dove of Whitley -----

Elizabeth, daughter of John Buston of North Shields 1695

Dorotha, wife of John Frost Feb 26th 1697

Margaret, daughter of Zephaniah Haddock of Cullercoats Apr 5th 1699

Martha, wife of Lawerence Haslam of North Shields Dec 13th 1703

John Buston of North Shields, skinner and glover Nov 20th 1710


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